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The FCT family would like to say farewell to its heart, its soul and co-owner,

Tracey was one of the founders of Fa.real and EastYork with her husband Allister Thomas and was the editor-in-chief of Soulful Image Magazine.

She was a caring loving mother of two boys and an amazing wife, sister, daughter, niece, cousin and friend to all who know her. Her love for God was unparallel to anything else which made her a beating helpful pulse in her community showing love and effort wherever she goes. We will miss her infectious smile, her contagious laugh, and her amazing powerful operatic singing voice. She will be in our memories and hearts forever as we continue the journey. 

We love you Tracey.  -  Love your Boo-boo, Allister.


Who We Are, What We're About.

So you're probably wondering what is Fa.real Custom Tees is really all about. FCT is simply a t-shirt printing company that caters largely to small commercial businesses and Educational Institutions in the awesome city of Toronto. FCT offers a wide array of apparel that includes round-neck t-shirts, collar t-shirts (Polo Tee), popular brands of jerseys, dri-fit t-shirts, and jackets. We also supply a range of corporate gifts to its customers, such as caps, towels, windbreakers, vests, aprons and etc.

My wife Tracey and I originally started in 2008 as Fa.real Design N Print, (FDNP), and we evolved to become Fa.real Custom Tees when we opened our first storefront on The Danforth in Toronto back in Feb 2013. Since then, FCT aimed to become a leader in apparel printing and design services in the "Dot". Most of our orders are company apparel, class t-shirts, team jerseys, and personalized custom tees.


Being in the t-shirt printing industry for so long, we have mastered a wide range of methods for your t-shirt printing. We are one of the few t-shirt printing companies in Toronto that carry almost all the different methods of t-shirt printing for your liking, requirements and price range. Check out our various t-shirt printing methods to have a better idea of which method suits you more. If you are not sure of which t-shirt printing method suits you best, feel free to call us at 1-888-502-1112 and we'll recommend the best method for you.


When you are printing with Fa.real Custom Tees, you can rest assured that your order will be of great quality and at an affordable price.

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